Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Monster Topic

Years ago I was hiking in White Salmon Washington along a river, and came upon something I’ve never seen before, or since. A man made pond full of catfish. Some smart catfish loving guy or gal caught a couple, maybe they bred them, or they caught a lot and stored them. The end result was a semi-private pond with fresh flowing water, underneath some shade. The person who did this probably had a hankering for fresh breaded, seasoned, and fried catfish. They probably even sold them to local restaurants. But whomever it was, they were smart. They created an environment where the catfish stayed, thrived, and were ready whenever.

I was reflecting on this recently, and I wondered why can’t recruiting be like that?

Let’s look at the fundamentals, it’s pretty simple:
One - what type of fish do you need?
Two - what type of environment do you find them in?
Three - what proven tools are out there to catch them?
Four - if you need them later, rather than sooner, what type of environment do you put them in so they are thriving and ready for you when you are ready for them?

And for a glossary for this:
Chum - Networking and employment page
Bait - Job Ad
Line - The interview
Rod - The structure to your interview
Reel - The continued steps in the process
Farm - List of qualified people
Fish food - Ongoing communication
Hatchery - Your training ground

I’ve been asking friends who fish for detailed advice. I think this overall concept will be three parts. Easier to find candidates, hard to find candidates, and sales people.

I’m having tons of fun drafting it out. I hope you’ll enjoy the final product too.