#MondayMusing: Only a deer hits the ground running...

I hear it constantly, “I need someone who’ll hit the ground running.” Years ago, when I first started recruiting, one of the senior people on staff said “Only a deer hits the ground running… when it’s being hunted.”

I’ve reflected a lot to that statement over the years. I’ve listened as a lot of managers have stated their need for someone they don’t want to train. Then the same managers wind up hiring someone with “potential.” I’m all for potential, and I’m all for hiring people who have proven skill sets to get you to the next level. But which is it? Which is most important to you, right now?

Why are we bundling a lot of complex feelings, skills, and traits into one catch phrase? It’s one that everyone knows the meaning, but they all have assumptions on how to fulfill that request. Now when it comes to the assumptions, I am the MOST GUILTY party. It’s a trait I’ve had to learn to overcome over several years of interviewing and understanding skills sets, and why people make the career moves they do.

When you are ready to hire an individual, and entrust part of your business to them, do you really want them to hit the ground running? Or do you want someone who will involve you in decisions, until they understand your decision process and know how to execute to make your business great. Do you want someone who will take time to understand your clients, and what makes them successful? I’d argue that having someone who wants to see you succeed, is not someone who will rush in there and just “do their job.” 

Finding those people with passion and purpose, it’s what I strive to do. And I’d argue, that people with passion and purpose, they don’t hit the ground running. They observe, take in their surroundings, identify a path, take a trepidatious step, then another, then another. Then when they are fully confident they have it handled, then they sprint with wild abandon.

I want this for you. I want this for your business. I want you to have people who find fulfillment. I want you to be successful. 

And that is my #MondayMusing.