The Brighter the Light

Some years ago, I listened to a cassette (long time ago) of Father Leo Booth. I’ve since lost the cassette, but I wouldn’t have anything that could play it if I still had it. He talked about the human condition and trials that we all walk through. He spoke about the dimples on a golf ball. Went into great detail how the dimples allow the golf ball to morph when struck, it allows it to fly further. It’s a pretty popular example; I’m sure you are familiar with it. 

At the end of his analogy though, he blurted out, something about still having problems. “The brighter the light, the more the bugs!” he exclaimed.

That little piece of advice has stuck with me for almost twenty years. 

Bright lights attract bugs. Got a lot of bugs? You’re doing something right. Shine bright, and shine on. Right? When I feel like I am swatting at problems, I must be doing something right.

But something else struck me recently, more light means you can see more things. Brighter light? You can see more bugs, kind of like “hindsight is 20/20.”

I’ve been jotting down my thoughts about processes, recruiting, trauma in the workplace. I can clearly see where I have made mistakes, what I would do differently now, and tools that can be put into place to mitigate these issues. I can clearly see why processes worked, and how to enhance them to really make them soar. 

I am excited to continue to work on my business, my systems and processes. My three-legged stool is coming together, slowly, surely, and most importantly, solidly. 

Bring on the bright light! I’m ready to see.