Redefining the recruiting paradigm.


 You got to where you are because something is working now, and I will honor that. I’ll listen to your goals, and together we’ll lay down your path, identify your milestones, and what new types of talent and systems are required at each step of the way.

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I will never tell you that your process is broken,

because it’s not.

When you work with me, this will be the results you will experience:

Your growth goals will have aligned staffing goals. This will be one more reason for investors to spend their capital with you!

Applicants will be more engaged. Imagine an interview where you actually talk about real world problems and solutions, all driven by the candidate. That’s what you want in an interview, and there is a way to create it. I’ll show you how.

Supervisors through Executive Managers will have developed a distinctive interview style, that is legal, and allows them to accurately interview for skills and culture. They will have impactful and insightful conversations.

Systems will be aligned with your growth plans. Today there is so many systems available, but what really works? Together we’ll identify what you need.

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Growing a company is like climbing Mt. Everest, each camp requires different tools to help you climb to the next camp. Can you climb to the next camp without new and updated tools? Sure, but it’s a lot harder.

Let’s identify what you need, and when to implement.

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Daava M. Mills,


I started recruiting in the late 90’s, back when most people didn’t have an email address, and to send a fax cost a dollar a sheet. I watched as (now exploded and Smile & Dial Head Hunters turned into Spray & Pray Recruiters.


In my 20 years of experience, I’ve worked in high growth companies as a Recruiter, HR Manager, and Operations Manager. I’ve made decisions from every vantage point, and I want to share with you what works.

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My background includes:

manufacturing, commercial construction, ship repair, industrial construction, industrial manufacturing, warehouse & distribution, logistics, sales driven environments, food, and recycling & waste management.

 With my experience, education, insight, along with my crazy energy, I will help you:

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  • Identify and flesh-out an employment branding strategy.

  • Create an interview process that works, structured or not.

  • Make decisions legally.

  • Help you hire people who will drive your sales sooner than later.

  • Target millennials, baby boomers, technical nerds, production workers, executives, truck drivers, and everyone in between.

  • Develop fair and competitive wage scales.

  • Show how your company is unique from, and superior to, your competitors.

Working together, I want to help you turn processes on their ear. Let’s showcase your culture with pride, and wrangle systems into place.


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